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MilkCrate Helps Promote Sustainability and the Local Economy

Living a life of sustainability, being healthy, being a part of your community, and doing things that help your environment is not usually the priority in people’s lives. And the fact of the matter is that most of these things are not as easy to do as you might think because of the availability of information. When you do a search for an organic produce market, you might find a plethora of shops, but which one is right for you? Often times, friends or family ask me where to go, since I am an avid believer in sustainability, health, wellness, and being a part of my community. I find it difficult to really tell people, since there are so many choices, variety of style, and truth be told, I’m kind of tired of constantly having to tell people the same thing over and over again.


Which is why it's great when a company like MilkCrate (Launching on IndieGogo) comes out with an innovative platform to help people engage with everything from organic food, fair trade products, literature, art, music, film, community activities, and more. "I’m really excited to be a part of the tech community in Philadelphia as well as organizations around the city.” said CEO and Cofounder Morgan Berman. "We are seeing nonprofit organizations and the surrounding community get really involved with our philosophy and what we stand for."

With big companies already joining the cause, MilkCrate is already establishing themselves as a known entity in the community-based platform market. There have been so many times that I've gone to a really healthy place to eat, or a really cool store that sells fair trade products, and people always ask me where they can go. Now I can tell them to download this app, which will tell them exactly where to go near them. I truly believe that Berman is solving a unique problem and that she is opening up a whole new world to people which would otherwise be difficult to find. Berman isn’t alone, she has a well-rounded team of entrepreneurs putting in the hours. Jason Cox - CTO, Rachelle Pownall-Brown - CMO, Caitlin Honan - Media Maven, Nicole Koedyker - CSM, Corey Jameson - Art Director, Nancy Berman - Dream Weaver, Greg Georgianna - Videographer and countless others are joining their cause.

I'm excited to see this company grow into a nationwide platform to help people grow awareness to their businesses and help communities grow stronger. Make sure you donate on Indiegogo and spread the word. Get your MilkCrate filled up today!