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Milk 'shot' in cookie 'cup' created by Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery created the Cronut (a croissant / doughnut hybrid) and they have now taken things to another level. According to a video report by Buzz 60, the bakery has crafted shot glasses made out of cookies and filled them with milk -- making a delectable and completely edible treat. The cookie shots will only be available at SXSW but if they're popular, they could become the next big thing.

The invention isn't so much groundbreaking as it is convenient but one has to wonder how it works exactly. For instance, what happens when you drink all of the milk and still have some cookie left to eat? What if you are still thirsty? Perhaps you'll need a side of milk to go with your milk and cookie shot.

Just thinking about a cold glass of milk inside of a warm cooking makes almost everyone crave a snack -- but doesn't the milk get warm once it's poured? Does that matter?

Would you try a milk and cookie shot?

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