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Military Wife Shows Off Half Herself to her Husband!

Military Wife Surprises Army Husband her New Self!
Military Wife Surprises Army Husband her New Self!

Let’s face it mamas, trying to lose that baby weight is no joke if not done correctly. How long do we wait before we can actually start working out? Do I have to stop breastfeeding? So many questions and with the husbo gone on deployment, there’s no better time to do so but now!

With many of us trying to stay on track of our New Year’s Resolutions, weight loss goals are everywhere this time of the year. Gyms are promoting sign-on specials – Planet Fitness $1 sign-on fee, $10 a month for example, and already seeing bathing suites at Target are just major hints that the weight definitely needs to come off.

Let’s remind ourselves that Misty was able to do it with her husband gone on deployment. In less than a year, she had literally lost half her body weight. If that’s not motivational enough, I don’t know what is.

Get up, don’t sit, get fit – as they say! Drink half your body’s weight in water to help flush it out. Start with a detox program and make a list of foods that can aid in your weight loss goals. Dr. Oz’s website is easy to follow and is very realistic

So what are you waiting for? I’ve done it! So did Misty, and now it’s your turn! Do it for yourself, your kids, and for sure your husband will definitely look at you like a whole different person!