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Military/Veterans: Life and disorder, covering it up

The VA has had problems for many years and now we are seeing how cover ups are once more taking shape. The call is for a summit on VA care, but in reality the politics want to control the situation, but only by ideology not advancements.

The American Legion commander is upset over the recent allegations about the VA in Phoenix, but that is only the beginning, these problems have existed across the nation. Reports about brain surgery in rat infested care centers started just as the first wounded came back from Iraq, and the problems have increased since. Bonuses are to be paid if the projects and task are done to above standards, but the only standards achieved are below required care. The care centers are not the problem; the demands made by those in political offices are meant to keep the veterans in this state. Reducing the ability for the same to offer means for themselves, they make them dependant on those who have constantly failed. This provides security for the political failures, over those who have not failed, but this program has never worked in the long run.
The Republic states receiving a call while records were still being destroyed, this after suspensions were initiated on those directly responsible. But someone with authority had to order the records seized and destroyed, this means those suspended were not the ones at the top of the corrpution. Instead, they are the ones getting cut off, while the rest run and hide, covering their tracks as they go to assure they are not connected anymore. But the true is the entire command chain for the VA is corrupted, as the bonuses show they were in complete support of these actions. They will of course use the excuse “I did not know…” but if they were in command they were the ones who should have known.
The list of VA problems goes too far back, the persistence comes only by those at the top allowing if for so long, and covering up their involvement as well. A Summit on Care for America's Seriously Wounded Veterans indicates the budget gaps are not allowing care but do grant bonuses for failures. Then the budget are meant to pay for the failures, thus wanting more failure and less care for the veterans and military personal who are in need. This as directed by the highest levels, leaves no safety or support net for the veterans, a mandate all the way from the highest authority. The authority in complete control rests in the Washington, where the authority is already moving to hide and cover up even more problems and failures.
Diana Rubens and Glenn Haggstrom accepted the bonuses paid out, but their performances were known failures, those in authority paid for these failures and knew it. Or they were paying for success but only if this success was directed at removing the veterans capability to act politically against those in Washington. The unwillingness to explain why bonuses were paid leaves us wondering what Washington intentions are towards the veterans. But history shows well the veterans’ intentions have been to move a nation forward, even if they have had to remove the political obstacles in Washington to do so. The problems seen in the care centers start by the political offices directing to keep the veterans under their influences, thus assuring no oppositions exist to ideology.
The problems with the VA system come directly by those in the highest authority willingly paying to maintain ideology, even as more failures are seen. Washington’s understanding of the public’s situation is so far off, yet they still believe they can care for the public in the same manner as they have for the veterans. If the VA system is any indication, the Obamacare system should be considered the same corrupted influences magnified. Yet those in Washington were doing this to veterans long before Obama took office, the ideology of politics more important to them their little minds then the reality around them. Now making the entire population dependant on a single source of authority, the same authority unwilling to work except to protect itself will constantly fail the public even more.
Calling for resignation of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is only the start; these matters are directly occurring out of the lack of control the veterans have over their rights. Again and again the veterans have had to sue and force the VA to grant rights the laws already state should exist. All this without the support of those in Washington, only the standard placating excuses while they look the other way. It is clear the only way the veterans will regain any rights is if they take back those rights and authority which Washington has removed for political ideology. The system is not refusing to work, it works when those in Washington are in need, but those in Washington are not working when others are in need.
Securing the political ideology over the rights of the public is only the way to build a tyrant based government. The veterans having seen this in so many parts of the world, once coming home have never allowed it to exist here and never will so long as they are willing to fight it off. That is why the political ideology has selected them for such treatment, to advance the failing ideology and gain more controls. Simply removing one in authority does not work, the entire authority chain must be corrected or the failures will continue.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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