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Military/Veterans: Help a call away, far away from reality

Veterans are aware, once out of uniform, or for that matter out of sight, the political process forgets us altogether. Now reports are we are being left for dead, and will not even be allowed burial rights, all to protect the corrupted political ideology.

Veterans have to trust each other, if you have ever been in a situation where your life is in the hands of another you understand why. Yet we also understand those in Washington better than most and we know there is no creditable trust in those who sell out that easily. Both CNN and the American Legion are reporting on the rights veterans are missing, this by the political agenda to forget them altogether. Veterans are not only be disregarded for medical care, but they are not even be allowed to be buried properly, all as directed by the VA. The VA departmental scandals keeps coming, its agenda adheres to a political ideology ignoring and destroying the veterans is become clearly seen, but in part it is also something we expected. Reality for veterans is they are coming home and many of those already elderly have been forgotten already. The selfness of political corruption grown in Washington DC has always been the next point to attack as veterans return, and again it is put to the veterans to destroy this corruption.
They are asked to put their lives on hold, to serve the needs of the community without any real sense they will be able to return at all. This is the job every veteran knows has to be done, and in it they have to trust those around them, learning this trust comes but is not so easily forgotten. This is what Thomas Breen learned, to trust those who supported him while he was in uniform and so did many others. But veterans today are also seeing this trust forgotten by the very people who are suppose to dedicate operations to serving that trust. They can come up with multiple excuses, “I need to pay the mortgage…” or something, but the reality is those in charge are ordering this conduct, all the way back to Washington. Those at the bottom either side with it or they loss everything they have as the “Washington Blacklist” is comprised.
Washington is playing the old “two-step” routine over who is responsible for the deaths of veterans, yet the authority of Washington is easily seen as incapable. The veterans have had problems with the VA every year since the legislators took over the department’s administration directly. In the past they closed operations and left many to starve; now it seems they are forgetting to allow medical treatments. As reported by the American Legion magazine, there are no burial plots available for either, nor are flags to be gained by the US Postal service as required. Neither the VA nor the postal system has any response to why except to say they do not have the means any more to meet the legal requirements placed upon them. These are the legislative actions Congress has already taken, removing funds meant to serve the public interest, funds Congress gave those same funds to itself, a pay raise instead.
The congressional agenda controls the national budget as if it were a cash account for them to draw on, affecting the lives of others and just as easily disregarded by congressional members. The easy with which Congress disregards the needs of veterans has being seen clearly, as even their own investigative capabilities are hampered by the personal party politics. Instead of questioning and holding accountable those in their own mix of friends, Congress hopes the veterans will die and be forgotten. But even in death, there must be some place for the veteran to be laid to rest and again regulations restrict this because of departmental politics. As seen with U.S. Today (“04.28.14”) reporting $1 billion in ammo will be destroyed, yet much is still needed on the battle field.
The differences between military management departments do not allow recording all the ammo conditions, age or even what military needs what ammo on the battle field. The confusion of the battlefield is combined with the result of not having the right equipment to fight with, especially ammo for the weapons needed. This was seen as far back as the invasion of Iraq, were personal had to buy armor for the own vehicles because it had not come with it. But the congressional leadership had earlier signed off on such armor being present when the vehicles were bought and paid for. The veterans were sent to war by these same congressional failures, the leadership fully knowing they had not supplied the means to survive. Now we are seeing they do the same when they come home, afraid of what the veterans will do as they start to demand new leadership.
Political ideology meant to ignore those who have served in uniform and destroy them afterwards is one of the foremost ways to control the political process. Since WWI it has been well known, when veterans come home they demand political changes and the only way to stop this is to kill the veterans off. We are seeing congressional actions today as their best means, the idea being to secure their political creditability by taking it from those once in uniforms. As the veterans die they are no longer around to offer complaints to their creditable and accepted means used to promote congressional leadership which has already failed in their own lives. Congressional leaders are now openly lying about this creditability, the entire US Congress lacks such. But those in such leadership authority can not now allow outside voices to speak as it reminds them of their failures even more.
Veterans are coming home, ever larger numbers will return and will demand answers for what the congressional leaders have failed to allow the public to know. But we already know, for congressional leadership failed when it allowed self serving monetary policies to over-run national security issues, thus putting lives at risk for self-promotions. Now those who suffered the most are expected to be left without medical or even burial means, just so congressional offices do not feel bad for the shame they have offered as leadership. They should remember, as veterans amass within the public communities, they tend to connect and work against such foolishness, to end in destroying the political careers of those supporting foolish ideology.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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