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Military/Veterans: Compensation outsourced, new information developed

VA accountability is needed; veterans can not be expected to sacrifice for those who do not support their return to a normal life. Current politics indicate no help will come by governmental actions, especially when those are based on every increasing out

President Obama has signed the VA Emergency Funding Bill, now comes money into a system broken by those who wanted more funds thus keeping it broken. And as established already by the current administration, those wishing to support personal believes and faiths are being removed by the same president. Dr. Francois Blaudeau offers help both as a doctor and a lawyer, to oversee the failing system yet his funds come by private accounts. Nor will a congress using inappropriate posturing find a solution, only more corruption getting paid to build more infrastructure to further the corruption. The move is on to force benefits removal, while there is no accountability from the VA, thus less for those who sacrifice the most while Congress takes a greedy hand once more. Outsourced benefits by the government are not an answer to this growing problem; instead we need accountability established into the highest offices. No further can the public accept a two set standard of legal interpretations, as the veterans are already on the line, it must them who are the first to take action or first to lose.
There can be no believe or reasoning a solution will come by a system completely run by corrupted individuals, such will offer no new support. This is no different than building “a house made on sand,” it will fall the first time there is a disaster. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has 220,000 employees within the VA, expecting more by way of funding and job positions is not going to change things. Washington wants failures, such offer to keep the public in need of them, thus they can continue to ask for more authority and do less. Belief in monetary funds being the answer, they have not offered to change anything but the funding, which all previous indications show does little.
The federal systems once established to offer aid to Native Americans failed, the social supports established during the Great Depression are failing, and even the US Postal system is near failure. It is not because of the people running these systems, but the politics from Washington which are causing it, as each elected official has no accountability to actions done. Using public offices as personal sideshows, they have remove almost all creditability such offices have, and offer less reasoning with each day for their actions. These officials do not take actions in regards to those they are obligated to; instead actions are done which result in less for all but the same incompetency. Thus it should be no surprise that as the religious movements in this nation start to stand up once more, offering diversity in believes to this, Washington wants to step in and kill believe off.
The small business owners brought the economy back, and are starting to show they can fight the outsourcing to China which has been occurring in increasing amounts. Saving jobs here in the US and putting people back to work frees the public of financial and social policies which Washington has control over. These same small businesses are being attacked simply to continue the disregard political leaders have for the public’s needs. Hillary Clinton’s idea she is just another ‘soccer mom’ is so foolish, no other soccer mom gets $200,000 to speak at a lecture! Washington’s political elite stopped listening to the common people long ago, and have continued refusing to listen, nor will they hold themselves accountable.
Building policies around money only keeps all accountable to the inanimate monetary flow, the same which pays increasing amounts. Each failure relates back to how those in Washington are connected, yet none there will held accountable in the least. President Obama stated he was not going to hold the intelligence community accountable over the WMD in Iraq was just a start. Now more programs are failing, and they still want people to believe further money poured into corruption will cause changes. What causes change is one’s willingness to change things and there is no creditability from Washington to state those there have this will.
The VA crisis was caused by determined remove of funds over many years through budget cuts but was followed by putting into power those who put pressure on others to cut away legal benefits. The attitude of those in charge has not changed, the same resolve exists and the same corruption continues to live. Motivating Washington to change its attitude can only be done by assuring those in Washington they will be held accountable. But, as the politicians are held above the legal processes, they are not accountable, and special treatments in their regards allow furthering the corruptions. They are already moving to outsource these new benefits, securing further funds to their personal use, while others continue to suffer without relief.
We need accountability from Washington, not just a show for the news time, but real use of legal processes to force them to change. And as those in Washington are not willing to make such changes, the answer may be to outsource this to those who do, before it becomes too late. The veterans are an obvious target, they offer creditability by past conduct and this, every politician wants but is far too inept to gain. The US military has not failed its public, only the political forces have, yet the veterans creditability has been misused and attacked to keep the politicians from public failures. It is time those in Washington took responsibility for their actions, and the veterans have enough reasons to force this issue.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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