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Military/Veteran: Retirement budget changes, not for Congress

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The new congressional budget has be voted on, once again it is left to the lower pay ranks and file to make up what Congress has wasted. But congressional personal have also stated again and again how those at the lower end should go without, as if their lives were not worthy of future considerations. Remember Congress only needs to serve four years as opposed to the twenty the majority must do to get any retirement. Clearly the public is being deceived once more, into thinking the politics are not the ones call for more wars. The military personal are not the ones who choose to have a war; they follow the orders of the public majority. Those causing war are the foolish and incompetent running politics they same way as they have failed in everything else.
Congressional benefits are not being cut; there is no real surprise in this, as we all know Congress does not cut itself down. Instead it has a history of calling for more pay for itself and leaving the military without funding to pay troops, or support those families in need. Thus military families are supported by welfare, the same as those working at McDonald’s and Walmart. The difference is anyone attempting to unionize the federal workforce; especially the military personal are targeted and get worse treatment. Improvements come only by those willing to risk for the sake of others, this from a Congress which has stated the poor need to starve.
Many are pointing out public confidence levels are lower, this by the considerations given to offering them a long-term benefit through political actions. Congress caused a shut-down only to prove it was worthy of nothing, and still can not offer more help to the public. Military personal were left in the field without knowing if they were to get paid, veterans were arrested for attempting to view historical monuments. Yet they are the ones forgotten about and made to pay up what funds Congress has used for foolish endeavors and personal acclaims. Politicians do not want the public to remember, they are the reasons why we have wars, it is their failures which have cost the public so much.
Serving just four years in Congress, the political officials get benefits the majority of the public can not even dream of. This by the failing more time than not to serve the public as they have been trusted to do, and it is military personal who have to undo these failures. They are the ones who have offered to give life back to those under protection. The politician willing sells out and then looks to find any reason to explain why they should be considered first to gain. The deception of every generation has lasted only because they refuse to allow the public to see what is really going on.
Once more the political operations are attempting to deceive people into belief of following the self-anointed. Reality bites hard, we only need to look at the state of affairs over this nation to see what is happening. The so called leadership from Washington DC is not working, has not worked for a long time. The only reason it is still allowed to even try is as it controls the funding, it also controls who has the means to speak. And speaking against the self-anointed little gods can not be allowed, they can not exist if there is competition to them.
As the military saves the public lives, the congressional leaders fear them being praised above their own names. Keeping this from happening is all that allows the congressional leadership from being held accountable as the failures they are. Currently we do not have a large amount, if any, veteran in public office in Washington, and do you notice how things are? The worst of times occur, because those in such authoritative powers are also the most incompetent and lazy around. War and death are brought about by the foolish and incompetent actions of a few, allowed to do so as they take authority from others.
And it is this taking of authority which is corruption of itself; for no matter how hard one works if in the end another has refused to do the same they still get the prize. The nature of politics is to award those in the end and congressional awards are only given today based on who is the most deceitful and corrupt. They circumvent the very standards which the majority of society is forced to accept, yet demand the most in return for doing nothing. Military personal have not chosen to take the easy way, instead they offer to protect us all and Congress relates that as competition they can never met.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance:



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