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'Military Sportbike Rider Course' comes to Maryland as the civilian 'Advanced Rider Course'

Several years ago, the United States military recognized that more soldiers were dying in motorcycle crashes than in combat.  Alarmed by this trend, the military worked with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to develop the "Military Sportbike Rider Course" (MSRC). 

The MSRC addresses topics such as rider attitude, personal risk assessment and decision-making skills.  Discussion topics include cornering, braking proficiency, traction management and cornering techniques.  The military mandated the MSRC training for motorcycle riding personnel.  The results were undeniable.  From 2008 to 2009, military deaths related to motorcycle crashes dropped significantly:

  • the Navy reported a 62% decline in sportbike related fatalities over the previous year
  • the Marine Corps reported a 65% decline in sportbike fatalities from 2008 to 2009
  • the Army reported a 63% decline in motorcycle fatalities over the same period of 2008-2009

This year, the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program will begin teaching the civilian version of the MSRC, which has been renamed the "Advanced Rider Course"  or "ARC."  This course offers the same basic components of the Military Sportbike Rider Course.  With the dramatic results of the military course, the Advanced Rider Course is sure to be a hit with riders of all ages.

The Advanced Rider Course is not limited to sportbikes, it can be taken on any stock, street legal motorcycle.  ARC is designed for experienced riders who want to compliment and build upon the skills learned in other rider courses.

ARC training will be offered at four training centers in Maryland: Glen Burnie MVA, Harford Community College, Wor-Wic Community College and Old Glory Harley-Davidson. 

The MSF states that their courses are "Seriously Fun."  Having participated in Advanced Rider Course training last Fall, I can say that this course lives up to that statement!


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