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Military pooch dognapped by Taliban likely a British canine soldier

The Pentagon states the dog is a British military canine named "Colonel."
The Pentagon states the dog is a British military canine named "Colonel."
Abc news

A very sad looking Belgian Malinois shown in a short video released on the website Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is believed to be a British military dog trained to sniff out and detect detonation cords that are buried to ignite IEDs reported Thursday's

One military dog has been confirmed missing by the Pentagon, however there are no reports about the dog's handler.

A Twitter photo posted on Feb. 5 showed the dog wearing a military vest, a torch and some GPS tracking device; the dog was being held with a chain by a Taliban soldier. Other Taliban men stood talking around the dog, and even though the dog seemed nervous, he appeared healthy and at times wagged his tail.

Believed to be a dog named "Colonel" the photograph doesn't identify where the dog is located, but a "tweet" on Dec. 23, 2013 announced "6 US terrorists" had been killed and "equip seized."

According to, there have been 578 dog teams serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Four dogs have died in Afghanistan since March 2011.

Dogs continue to play a very important role in the military from bomb sniffers, to morale boosters, to providing companionship for all military soldiers.

There is no proof that "Colonel" has been killed, nor is there any evidence that the Taliban would harm a dog.

The Washington Post reports a Taliban spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid spoke about the dog's capture after a long battle and that the dog was of "high significance to the Americans."

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