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Military members get a deal on 'War Horse' tickets

Military discount tickets are available for "Family Night" - War Horse
/ The Artist Series

Military service members and their families can purchase discounted War Horse tickets through the Artist Series for the Wednesday night, February 19, 2014 performance! Military personnel are encouraged to wear their uniforms to this dedicated Military Appreciation Night.

Some interesting facts about Joey & Figures:

  • Joey weighs 120 lbs. and is handmade by 14 people. Its frame is mostly cane, soaked, bent and stained.
  • An aluminum frame along the spine, lined partly with leather for comfort, allows the horse to be ridden.
  • Stretched, hosiery-like Georgette fabric makes up the “skin” beneath the frame.
  • A puppeteer at the head controls the ears and head; one in the heart controls breathing and front legs; a third in the hind controls the tail and back legs.
  • A harness connects the puppet’s and puppeteer’s spines so his or her movements become the breathing of the horse.
  • The tail and ears are moveable instead of the lips or eyelids, because that’s how horses usually express themselves.
  • Two levers connected with bicycle brake cables control the leather ears.
  • The puppet, just under 10ft. long and about 8ft. tall, has about 20 major joints. Vertical levers curl the knees and lift the hooves.
  • The neck is made of carbon fiber glass for flexibility.
  • The eyes are black color behind clear resin so light refracts through them.
  • The right hind lever moves the tail up and down; the left hind lever, left to right; moved together, it spirals.
  • The hair in the mane and tail is made of Tyvek, a plastic-like paper.

Winner of five 2011 Tony® Awards including Best Play, “War Horse” comes to the Times-Union Center from February 18 – 23, 2014! Take a look HERE for further information.

War Horse
Special Pricing for Military Appreciation Night:
$27.00 B-Section Seating (Full Price: $62)
$22.00 C-Section Seating (Full Price: $52)

Use passcode HORSE* to receive military discount. Military discount is available at the Artist Series Box Office between 10AM-5PM, Monday-Friday at (904) 442-BWAY (2929) and online 24/7 at The deadline for military personnel and their families to order discounted tickets by phone is February 14 at 5:00 p.m. and online is February 16 at midnight.

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