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Militarized police: What's next?

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous law enforcement is getting? More importantly, they are getting scary for many American citizens. It would not be unusual to see police in other countries acting like military police, but it shouldn't be happening right here in America.

Is this writer living in a fantasy world or are police supposed to protect people and their property? When there is a report of a person(s) possibly being in possession of something illegal or doing something illegal, there is supposed to be some investigating done to determine if the information they have is true, right? Why are the accused in these cases, not being given a chance to prove their accusations wrong without being treated like common criminals themselves? These people are not hard core drug dealers or convicted felons. Is there not a Constitutional amendment that says it is the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures? Does it not also say that that right “shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause---?”

It makes one wonder how some police departments feel they are the law and conduct things the way they want to irrespective of how they treat individuals and/or their property. Many of the stories that we hear in the news these days, seem to detract from the purpose of having law enforcement agencies. They seem to think much like our dictator-in-chief, that they have all power and don’t have to answer to anyone for their actions even though they, too, are violating specific Constitutional laws. If we are going to allow this kind of law enforcement to exist then perhaps we have already become a socialist/ communist nation.

Laws are supposed to protect the people, their families, their property and their right to free speech, free press and freedom to worship as they please. Lately, it seems that law enforcement agencies just kick these things aside and make life miserable and sometimes very sad for citizens who are and have been law-abiding and have never done anything unlawful or even wish to.

Here’s a great example of lawless law enforcement taken from an article on We Support First, one question: Is it against the law to grow organic food on an organic farm? No? Okay, then explain this. According to a story that took place in 2013 and was posted on 3/14/14 by Huffington Post Politics, the local police accompanied by a SWAT team raided a small organic farm in Arlington, Texas.

This raid also included aerial surveillance and it lasted for 10 hours. Apparently they had received a tip that this particular farm was growing marijuana plants. The raid, however, did not turn up one single plant.

During this raid, the police seized 17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants, native grasses and sunflowers. Now what in the world were they planning to do with those confiscated plants? Were they going to be used as evidence that they were growing food on their organic food farm? Since when has that become illegal? Are police so hyped up about their so-called “power” that they are now intruding on law-abiding citizens on just a tip without any investigation into the accusations first? Aren’t tips supposed to be checked out without mass raids of SWAT teams unless there is evidence that someone’s life is in danger? These raids with SWAT teams are way out of line when there is no evidence of any laws being broken previously and there is no violence involved until they arrive with or without a warrant and just break down doors, damage property, endanger people, including children and pets and start shooting before they even know who or what they are shooting at. .

Previous to this raid, the only run-in they had with the local law enforcement was having grass that was too tall, bushes growing too close to the street, a couch and piano in the yard, chopped wood not properly stacked, a piece of siding missing from the side of the house, and according to reports, an unclean premises. These were city code violations, not violations of laws that warrant them being treated like common criminals. And what right did the police have to seize anything from their farm when it was quite evident that there was no marijuana growing there? It looks more like the police were the real criminals in this case because they took things from this farm that they had no right to.

Oh and did they have a warrant when they came like a bunch of vultures ready for the kill? Well, yes they did, but not until two hours after the raid began. Now, is that proper police procedure? It looks to this writer that the police were committing more violations that the accused by a long shot.

This is interesting, as well. It seems that these organic farmers were so dangerous that the police couldn’t risk being identified by them, so they shielded their name tags. So, now who’s looking more like criminals here? Hmm, what do you think?

Has our country's police become so desensitized to the lives of everyday Americans that now, they just treat everyone as criminals without any justification for their actions? The sad thing is that too many times, these mindless raids have resulted in the deaths of innocent people and even animals. Are we living in America or is this Nazi Germany revisited? Why do some of our local and state police over exaggerate their need for forceful entry onto private property and into people’s private lives? Instead of doing what police are trained to do which is to protect citizens and their property, they violate those very basic rules of law that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty and showing any kind of respect for people’s property seems to be a thing of the past.

In a 2013 article by Jonathan Turley, he tells of another raid with a SWAT team going to the Connecticut home of Ronald Terebesi. There had been a report of drugs in the home and because of it, a SWAT team came armed with flash grenades that they threw at the house. They also came with snipers and officers who surrounded the property. The owner, Mr. Terebesi was dragged from his house and another man, Gouzalo Guizan was shot and killed. The result of this raid was that they had in their possession only a small amount of recreational drugs and neither of the two men were armed.

Now it’s understandable that there needs to be strict drug laws given that this administration allows drug dealers to cross our borders all the time and restrict our borders agent’s abilities to deal with them. However, these kinds of raids should not be made at the expense of the lives and property of those suspected or accused unless and until there is probable cause for such action.

It is scary when you think about it. Instead of feeling safe when our police officers are around, you wonder what might cause them to come on to your property and destroy and confiscate something that has nothing to do with what you may be accused of doing. Not only that, some of these police seems to be trigger happy. When they think they are in danger, they shoot to kill even if there is no reason for it. They don't even aim to injure but to kill.

In this case, the raid was based on a report made by an exotic dancer who had it in for Terebesi who had entertained exotic dancers before and police received complaints about it. He may have made poor life choices, but that did not make him a criminal.

According to the report, it appears that after the SWAT team threw the flash grenades at the doors and blew them off of their hinges, Michael Sweeny, the officer who led the team into Terebesi’s house, screamed, “I’m hit” and the officer backing him heard it, he and other officers started shooting and an innocent man was killed.

As it turned out Officer Sweeney was not hit by any bullet. It was probably debris from the flash grenades when they exploded. Sweeney said he saw the two men crouched in a corner but that they charged at him and Guizan tried to grab his gun. Officer Weir who was Sweeney’s backup said he saw no such struggle.

Unfortunately, there has been no outrage and no justice for the Guizan family. The real kicker, in this case, is that Sweeney was honored for his role in the raid.

These same scenarios have been happening for some years but seem to be becoming more and more prevalent. It's only recently that we are being made aware of how often these raids take place and how likely any one of us could be a victim of an unlawful and terrifying police raids.

It is interesting to note that many of these raids are drug related. Each time police reported that the individual(s) inside came at them shooting when it was later proven that it was not so.

Another raid took place in 2011 on a family home. A marine being suddenly awakened by his wife because there were police outside with guns. Feeling he needed to protect his wife, he faced the police with an AR-15 rifle and that’s when police opened fire and killed Hose Guerena. It was six days later that the police admitted the safety on Guerena’s rifle was still on; he had not fired one shot, but 71 rounds were fired at him in seven seconds. Are you ready for this? Guerna’s wife called 911 when she knew her husband had been shot. When help arrived, deputies would not allow him to be treated for what they called “security concerns.” There is an ongoing investigation into this according to the attorney that was retained by Guerena’s family.

The question then arises, why is all this heavy equipment and big guns necessary to enforce the law in our towns and cities across America? There’s been a lot of talk about our nation being put under Martial Law. Perhaps that is not just talk anymore. This administration has been taking liberties that are not their right to take and more and more we see armored cars, tanks and things you would only expect to see in war zones; not in American cities and towns.

Have you even been aware of what has been going on in some of our police departments across the country? As you will see in the videos included in this article, people are beginning to fear the police more than they fear other intruders. When you watch these videos, take it all in and digest it. Realize that it’s not just our police departments that pose a danger to you and I. It is the government via our local police departments and homeland security that is moving us closer and closer to martial law and ultimately a New World Order.

Should you be concerned? Should you be scared? Well, it’s this writer’s guess that the answer would be yes to both questions. Why, you ask? Why not?

This has been part of our police departments for some time now. Its implementation seems to fall in line with reaction to the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. This works perfectly with the government’s and the U.N.’s plans for a New World Order.

The militarization of our police departments was meant to prepare our country for the time that we come under martial law and the police can come into any home they choose to and force people out of their homes and take possession of their property. Citizens will then, be placed under arrest or taken into custody. Many will be sent to FEMA camps (another name for a prison camp). They are being built all over the country and they are fenced off with barbed wire so that no one can get out once they are in. They are usually beside or very near railroad tracks, much like those used to haul away Jews and others to gas chambers in Nazi Germany. Others will be enslaved to serve the totalitarian government that will be put in place.

Does this sound frightening to you? It should. It should scare the living daylights out of you. You should be scared because these people are not playing around. They want a New World Order and they are doing everything they can to see that it happens. Our police departments are only one aspect of their plans.

Do you still think it’s impossible? Well, how about this. According to an e-zine article by Randall Craig Hill, in the name of protecting us from terrorists, the government, namely Homeland Security, has been giving out grants to state and local governments to the tune of 31 billion dollars to purchase weapons, tools, vehicles or anything they might need to fight terrorists. Why? Why do we need all those weapons and equipment on our homeland? Are we fighting a war we aren't aware of? This is the kind of equipment and weapons that our military needs to fight the enemies and terrorists where they are.

If we need more security, why not just place more security guards in strategic but unseen places as a precaution to keep our citizens safe? These grants, for the most part, have gone to purchase armored vehicles, machine guns and all sorts of military type guns and vehicles to be used at local and state recreation events.

Do they honestly believe that the sight of armored trucks and machine guns are making people feel safer? Not only that, just one of those heavy duty armored vehicles cost $286,000. That just goes to show how much wasteful spending is going on in our government. They would rather spend it on military equipment that we don’t need here at home than help our active duty soldiers and returned vets.

Our police don’t need to be trained to behave like counter-terrorist agents. All they need to do is to be trained efficiently to protect the citizens from criminals. It is their duty as police officers to protect and serve the people, not threaten and detain them for no good reason. We don’t need or want military tactics used in our towns and cities. We just need law enforcement officers who respect the rights of our citizens and who uphold the laws of our cities, states and constitution (state and federal). We also need honest legislators to make sure our laws are in line with the constitution.

So, after reading this article and watching the videos, what do you think? Should we have militarized police forces or should they all be demilitarized and brought back to what they should be? Do you think that the government is going to stop with militarized police departments? Something tells this writer that there is something much more sinister planned for us. Obama is pushing so hard; he wants martial law. If that happens we will see people put into custody and taken to FEMA camps. Have you seen some of the camps they plan to use to house thousands and thousands of families? They are surrounded by double barbed wire fences facing inward to prevent anyone from getting out.

Do you still think that it can’t happen here? If you do, you’re living in a fantasy world. These things have been going on for years even before the present administration. It just happens that they fall in line with what Obama and his minions want to achieve in our country; a complete totalitarian government.

If you have watched the videos included in this article and still doubt that Martial Law, FEMA Camps and a New World Order are just conspiracy theories and that the militarizing of our police departments around the country is nothing to worry about, then you are in for a rude awakening when it happens.

This writer wants to say if it happens, however, much evidence has been uncovered, so it is very hard to do so. This article was written, not to cause a major panic in America, but to prepare America for what very possibly could happen. We have denied and denied and denied that anything like this could happen in these United States. It’s time to take our heads out of the sand and look at what’s really going on and has been for many years. Every president has done something to push along the notion of a New World Order whether knowingly or not. These things did not just happen on Obama’s watch; it just happens that things have been going just the way he planned for them to go and they were already in the making. He is now using his executive power and over-riding congress to fulfill his design for the fundamental transformation of America.

There will be a forthcoming article that will deal with the the realities that have been uncovered through investigations into the very possibility of what you have just read. There will be videos with proof positive that our militarized police are only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more going on and it's scary.

We must pray that it isn't too late, that we haven't been so lackadaisical about what has been going on around us or been in denial for so long that the time for recovery is past. Prayers go up for those who are unfortunate enough to live where there is what looks like military presence. It is the police with militarily trained SWAT teams who will not hesitate to come onto their property with brute force, seize their property and if provoked in the least, will open fire.

We must pray that we have not been shielded from the truth for too long or been in denial for too long that we are past the point of recovery. Prayers go out for those unfortunate enough to be in areas where there seems to be military presence. It is the militarized police and they are not there to protect them. They are there to forcefully enter their property, demand their cooperation or risk being killed, and confiscate property they have no right to. It seems like they are preparing people for what it could very well be like if we were placed under martial law.