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Milford family featured on TLC's A Baby Story

TLC A Baby Story
TLC A Baby Story

Glorvina knew she never wanted to step foot back into a hospital to give birth after the intervention filled birth of her first child. Opting for a home birth with two Certified Nurse Midwives from a Connecticut midwifery practice out of Madison, she knew her birth would be different the second time around.

The Sheehan Family of Milford, Glorvina and Jason were shown in a beautiful home birth setting with everything from midnight strolls on the beautiful private beach they live on, to a climax of a water birth of their beautiful daughter Bernadette.

The episode was described as "Glorvina and her husband, Jason, were ready to try something different. They did some research and found a midwife they trust, and are ready to have a water birth at home. When delivery day finally ensues, Glorvina realizes fast that she's not in control." on the TLC website.

But after viewing the segment, there was nothing dramatic, of no control about it at all. It was really a typical birth without all the hospital hoopla.

At the end, both Glorvina, and her husband Jason agreed, if they had known about home birth, and the reality of it, they would have never stepped foot into the hospital to have their first child.