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Miley Cyrus 'W' cover almost unrecognizable

Miley Cyrus' W cover is practically unrecognizable! The singer stripped down for the magazine photoshoot and looked completely different -- to the point where she doesn't even look like herself. If someone showed you the pictures and didn't tell you who it was, Cyrus herself might not even recognize the pics. On Feb. 3, MTV posted some of the photos for everyone to see and discuss.

As MTV points out, Cyrus sports bleached eyebrows in the photos which make her look somewhat scary -- though some would call her look "artsy." Her outfits are quite interesting that leave little to the imagination -- but it iss Miley after all.

Cyrus' W cover was almost indistinguishable when it leaked a few days ago, but the pictures inside pages don't do her any favors. In fact, a lot of people who have viewed the photos have had negative things to say about Cyrus and the direction that she may have taken her career. And to think -- it all started with a haircut. Speaking of haircuts, the look that Cyrus sports in the W Magazine pics is something new -- which also contributed to making her identity unclear.

"Miley also seems to have picked up the wet hair trend that is sweeping the nation, though according to the caption on the photo, she is not wet with water, but with oil," MTV reports.

Can you recognize Cyrus on the cover of W magazine? What do you think of her new spread?

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