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Miley photobomb Lorde: Miley Cyrus posts funny photobomb on Twitter

Miley photobombing Lorde
Miley photobombing Lorde
Miley Cyrus Twitter

Did Miley photobomb Lorde? Yes, she totally did! Miley Cyrus -- who wasn't at last night's Grammy Awards -- attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party (on Jan. 25) and managed to photobomb Lorde -- and then she posted the photo on Twitter. According to MTV, Miley was in a photo of Lorde and Neil Portnow and she kind of made a weird face just when the photo was snapped.

"Not only did Cyrus pose with R&B singer, Kelis, but she also ended up in a photo with Lorde and Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences," MTV reports.

Miley photobombed Lorde in a less than conventional way. Perhaps she didn't actually know that she was in their shot -- because she could have done something much more entertaining -- like a classic Miley face, tongue out and what have you. Either way, Miley still posted the photo on Twitter and captioned it "photobomb" which doesn't necessarily mean that her face in the photo was intentional -- but she still found it entertaining nonetheless.

As far as the Grammy's go, Miley tweeted that she spent her Sunday organizing. Perhaps she was upset that she wasn't nominated for anything... "Gonna do some serious cleaning/organizing today. My favorite way to spend a day off! #obsessivecompulsivedisorder (sic)," Miley tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

Checkout Miley photobombing Lorde in the photo above.

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