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Miley, Noah: These Cyrus sisters look almost identical in new photo

Miley and Noah
Miley and Noah

Miley Cyrus just shared a new photo on Instagram with her little sister Noah. These two are really close and in this new photo they look identical. This photo was shared on Miley's Instagram page. On Thursday, Wonder Wall shared about the new photo that has people talking.

Right now Miley Cyrus is in Europe on her tour. Her mom comes along with her and so does her sister Noah. That means she already knows what life on the road is like and in this photo they are enjoying it together. Miley got really sick earlier this year and is glad to be back on the road.

Check out how much Miley and Noah look like in the photo above. Miley has on a cute dress where Noah is wearing a pencil skirt along with a top. These two look great and fans are glad to hear that Miley is back on the road again and working hard. Hopefully she can stay feeling better since things are looking up for her now that she is back on her tour.