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Miley Cyrus wins big at World Music Awards; takes home 'Best Pop Video' (photos)

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Miley Cyrus impressed the fans at the 2014 World Music Awards on Tuesday night. She took home two World Music Awards at the ceremony in Monte Carlo, winning trophies for Best Female Act and Best Pop Video for her single “Wrecking Ball.” According to Hollywood Life on Tuesday, the star performed alongside superstars Mariah Carey and Jason Derulo.

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Of course the biggest moment was when she hit the stage to sing to her fans. The star seemed ready to offer up a mini-concert for the fans who watched the show live and she her vocal performance was top-notch. The star also seemed very appreciative for the accolades that she received during the evening. Winning two awards, the star was humbled by the acknowledgement of her work and thanked her fans for their support.

Perhaps the oddest part about Miley Cyrus at the World Music Awards is that she didn’t do anything over the top like previous award shows. Instead of dressing risqué or making extremely colorful commentary she was far more reserved. Perhaps she was growing tired of waiting for the show to start so when it was her turn, she made sure there were no more delays.

Fans didn’t need to look too far to find drama at the award show. Apparently the diva with all the drama was Mariah Carey who showed up hours late. Her tardiness delayed the program and had to inconvenience Miley Cyrus as well. Unfortunately Miley couldn’t leave the show until she performed and Mariah was the first entertainer of the evening so everyone had to wait.

Take a peek at the photo slideshow of Miley Cyrus in Monte Carlo. The star looks beautiful and her gown was stunning. Fans can watch Miley’s performance on Wednesday night during NBC’s broadcast of the World Music Awards. There is no doubt she will sound as good as she looks!