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Miley Cyrus wants to know why she can't show her t*tties on the beach like men

Miley Cyrus said Wednesday she considers herself one of the biggest feminists in the world. Miley also said she's frustrated with the double standard between the treatment of men and women. "Guys get to show their titties on the beach, why can't we", Cyrus asked, according to E! News on Nov. 14.

Miley Cyrus shocked the world when it appeared she lit up a joint onstage at the EMAs Sunday as she hits the airwaves claiming she's a role model for women everywhere. images

Miley was talking to BBC's Newsbeat when she made it clear that she's more than her twerking-queen image, she's an activist for women everywhere.

Cyrus admitted she feels like one of the biggest feminists in the world because of the way she teaches women not to be afraid of anything. And she just doesn't get why men are held to a different standard than women.

The 20-year-old calls that a double standard. She addressed the fact that she's become entangled in controversy of late, but asserted her underlying message to the masses is to be open-minded and authentic.

Cyrus added, "I'm for anybody and everything". She doesn't care what you want to do with your life, who you want to be with, who you want to love or even what you look like.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer is all about living in the moment and being positive. She clumsily seemed to be making that point saying, "In life you gottta look at anything that could be made negative into positive...I'm just happy to be here.

"You've got about 105 years on this earth and you should be happy every single one of those", she added. And Miley's not worried about the haters either.

The pop star admitted she never goes online to read about herself. And she doesn't worry about whether her stage antics make her look bad because she knows what kind of a person she is.

Cyrus may just need that positive attitude right now, as the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Dutch authorities are investigating her latest stunt.

At the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam Sunday, Miley puffed on what looked like a joint live onstage.

But since small amounts of marijuana are legal there, the health officials are looking into whether she violated a smoke-free zone.

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