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Miley Cyrus' VMA date turns himself in to police

Miley Cyrus and date
Miley Cyrus and date
Photo by Jason Merritt

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone when she brought a homeless man to the MTV VMAs as her date. Then news came out that he was actually wanted for warrants. On Friday, Hollywood Life shared that Jesse Helt has actually turned himself in and has already bailed out of jail.

There has been a warrant out for him since 2011 for violating his probation for criminal trespassing. Yesterday he turned himself in to the police and is now expected to go to court for it in about two weeks. This all started when he broke into a house because he thought the guy was selling them bad marijuana. He hasn't been living in Oregon and that could explain why he hasn't had to face these charges.

Jesse posted his bond which was $2,500 to get out of jail so he was released right away. Everyone wants to know how he got out of jail. It is pretty easy to assume that Miley Cyrus posted the bond for him, but nobody know for sure who did it. It is very possible that she wants to do anything that she can to help him out.

Miley Cyrus is standing by him though. People shared that Miley flew him home to see his mom that he had not seen in a really long time. She has shared that she is also helping him out with his legal problems. Miley is doing all that she can to help out this cause as well. A lot of various celebs are also speaking out. Madonna and Big Sean both went to Twitter to help show their support as well.