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Miley Cyrus: Twerking her way to super stardom, millions, & global success…again

Miley Cyrus is getting it in.
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

Some call her an attention seeker. Others say she dresses trashy. A couple of folks even say she looks drugged out. A few venture to emphatically defend their opinion of her being talentless. Maybe those things are true. Maybe they’re not. It’s all a matter of conjecture and perspective. Nonetheless, there is a common denominator. We’re all talking about her and her latest antics from within the past year.

We’ve seen countless spoofs of her whole "Wrecking Ball" joint. People have compared her short pigtail ensemble to that of Jim Carey’s character, Vera de Milo, from In Living Color. We’ve seen the black pasties and furry white sleeves. We’ve debated about her wisp-like body twerking, and her getting credit for the “twerk movement” sweeping the nation (this dance has been around since before Miley, by the way).

If you ask me, Miley knows exactly what she’s doing. Her album Bangerz is certified gold. She’s on tour. She’s performing at popular award shows such as the VMAs. She’s part of Marc Jacob’s upcoming spring and summer campaign. She has millions of fans.

You have to admit. Right now, Miley’s winning.

It’s pretty ironic. Back in a 2009 interview she was quoted as saying, “I've never heard a Jay-Z song. I don't listen to pop music.” Today, she’s one of the biggest names in pop, and she’s done music with Juicy J and Future.

Before that, little kids around the world knew her as Hannah Montana. In 06 or 07, you couldn’t go into Walmart or Target without seeing a backpack or lunchbox with her face on it. Things are really coming full circle; today we see her face plastered everywhere, including CNN news stories. I never would’ve thought that Little Ms. Hannah Montana would turn into the force (or to some, farce) that she is today.

Some argue that she’s not a great role model for children. This is true. But, should kids even be listening to her music or watching her saunter around stage half-naked in the first place? No. To me, it would be a different story if she were behaving this way while still having a show on Disney. But, come on. Hannah Montana has been cancelled since 2011. What adult person wants to be known as Hannah Montana? Probably none. I’m pretty sure Miley Cyrus wants to remove herself completely from that whole TV persona. Her aim is to shock. She wants to show folks she’s not a kid anymore.

People evolve. Miley is young. She’ll be reinventing herself again before she’s 30. In that sense, consider her the modern day Madonna.

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