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Miley Cyrus' tour has been banned over morality issues in the Dominican Republic

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Although Miley Cyrus remains very interesting a lot of people get the feeling sometimes she has been pressing the nerves of censors a little too far over morality issues. The Dominican Republic has responded to such concerns by banning her tour reported the Los Angeles Times on Aug. 22, 2014. Cyrus therefore will not be performing in the Dominican Republic any time in the near future.

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Cyrus has been banned by the government commission which is in charge of public performances in the Dominican Republic. In a Spanish language statement which has been published by Dominican Today, an English-language website which covers Dominican news, it was stated that Cyrus has been accused of "incitement to sex, lesbian sex and use of inappropriate objects in public." It has also been alleged that her sexual acts on stage offend personal safety and violate the rights of kids and adolescents.

The BBC reports that clearly twerking by Cyrus has deeply offended the government in the Dominican Republic. Her scheduled performance in Santo Domingo on Sept. 13 has now been cancelled. The authorities in the Caribbean country say that in her performances Cyrus undertakes acts which are against morals and customs and which are punishable by Dominican law. Nevertheless, all of this controversy over morality issues appears to simply be making Cyrus more popular than ever with many fans in the United States and elsewhere worldwide.


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