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Miley Cyrus took selfie photos and posted on Instagram

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Several photos and videos of Miley Cyrus taken during her concert in Madrid, Spain are circulating online this morning, June 19, 2014. Some observers are claiming that it was just a wardrobe malfunction, but according to the netizens who are also following Miley’s career, it was the singer-actress’ way of making her viewers and supporters happy. Five days ago, Miley, who was wearing a two piece bikini took a selfie photo of her while lying on bed and posted on Instagram.

It has become one of the trending topics online after it posted; in fact, it has 737K like and 16.4K comments as of this morning. After seeing her photo, some observers especially her bashers online took to their social media accounts and expressed their negative comments. This is not the first time that the former Hannah Montana star has flaunted her sexy body.

Her performance at the MTV VMA 2013 with Robert Thicke has trended worldwide because of her extraordinary act, and now, some observers claim that she is ready to do more. Well, if you have noticed, Miley Cyrus can still go sexy in her future performances because she is hot, but according to her bashers online, she should consider her viewer’s sense of taste because many of them are female.

For her supporters’ part, all of them agree that Miley has gone a long way, but they also believe that the former "Hannah Montana" star should change her style if she really wants to stay longer in the industry. They added that she is not getting any younger, and it would be better for her if she could give up her sexy image and try to serenade other people in a very entertaining but not in a sexy way. Obviously, they miss the old Miley, but based on her consecutive hot performances, it would be difficult for her to go back to her previous style.