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Miley Cyrus sparks FCC investigation

Miley Cyrus has attracted more scandalous media coverage today following her NBC special of the Bangerz Tour. Due to the sexually explicit content igniting a backlash of complaints, the FCC has initiated an investigation to evaluate the network's failure to abide by censorship regulations.

Miley Cyrus sparks FCC investigation
Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

NBC allegedly aired the Bangerz Tour special without taking into account the sexual content exhibited throughout Miley's two hour concert. Many were offended when Miley senselessly thrusted herself against a character dressed like Abraham Lincoln. Additional offensive material presented in the form of a masturbation sequence while straddled on the front of a car. During the same performance, Miley dawned a Marijuana inspired leotard that left little to the imagination.

The complaints rendered viewers describing the concert as "pornographic" and "very disturbing." The FCC has not made a statement regarding the investigation, but NBC may be fined for their failure to censure material deemed offensive by the public. The FCC must determine whether the network was aware of the concert's explicit performances, and whether a monetary fine will be implemented.

There were three main complaints that sparked the FCC investigation.

1. The concert was rated PG13, which allowed children to watch the program despite parental control locks. The network was duplicitous in their rating system for substantive viewership.

2. The content was offensive and unpatriotic. The concert aired on the 4th of July, which was paired with Miley gyrating her body in a sexual manner on Abraham Lincoln.

3. The concert included themes of homosexuality and acts of masturbation.

NBC has declined a statement in response to the investigation, but it is safe to assume that viewers are outraged by the networks choice to air such a raunchy performance on a national holiday.

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