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Miley Cyrus 'Something About Mary' photo: 'Alfalfa' mix-up? Nude Instagram image

A Miley Cyrus “Something About Mary” photo has become an instant hit online this week, though there may be a major mix-up with “Alfalfa” in there somewhere. In one of her most recent Instagram photos, Cyrus gelled her hair up into a signature upward flick that looks not unlike Cameron Diaz’s ditzy character in the successful 1990s movie. News World Today reports this Thursday, June 19, that quite a few fans have said that the nearly nude Instagram image is in poor taste, however, and does little to boost the reputation of this well-known celebrity.

Miley Cyrus has a Something about Mary photo on Instagram
Twitter Screen Shot, eCanadaNews

Miley Cyrus may be a subconscious supporter of “There’s Something About Mary,” because even though she didn’t mention the popular movie in her recent Instagram photo, she certainly embodied the blonde, glued hair look. Although the “Adore You” singer put a hashtag “Alfalfa” comment with her viral post, many viewers understandably said she looked a lot more like Cameron Diaz’s titular character. In that case, Diaz’s hair stood on end due to the semen within it, though that is (hopefully) not the instance with Cyrus’ strangely gelled style.

This possible mix-up has been thought of as a ploy by some fans, adds News Oxy this afternoon, or as a general attempt to look like Alfalfa and simply mixing the Miley Cyrus “Something About Mary” photo with that of the “Little Rascals” movie. Of course, Cyrus’ sticky hair isn’t all that was turning heads. Her nude photo on the social media site also shocked some, though fans of the “Wrecking Ball” singer likely know that she is not afraid of being nearly naked in front of the camera. The controversial image ultimately showcases the celebrity's nipples hidden with sparkling stars in a selfie that seems fun but unflattering.

Yet seeing photos like this latest spin-off of Cameron Diaz or Alfalfa (whichever one) only draw even more of a dramatic take that Miley Cyrus is taking from her former wholesome image, back when she was on Disney Channel and starring as the blonde Hannah Montana. If fans visit the star on her Twitter or Instagram page, they are now bound to find her with her breasts almost exposed and her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

There is no denying that despite this latest Miley Cyrus “Something About Mary” photo being in appropriate and a little too nude for comfort, the singer is very talented. Do you embrace Cyrus’ newfound confidence in her body and her form of explicit self-expression, or do you miss the old Miley and the sweet, country, and old music style she once embodied?

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