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Miley Cyrus' 'Something About Mary' hair: Topless selfie adds to uncouth image

Miley Cyrus 'Something About Mary' selfie, a topless photo making waves online today.
Miley Cyrus 'Something About Mary' selfie, a topless photo making waves online today.
Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has very little modesty and she proved this once again with a topless selfie posted online. Channeling Cameron Diaz when she got semen squirted in her hair in "Something About Mary," the singer wore it up in a point just like Cameron's character in the movie. Needless to say, Miley's new pic has some critics online today.

As pointed out on the website DBTechno on June 16, Miley also finishes this look off by hanging out her tongue in the picture. This has become her signature look these days. Adding the comment of “#preshoweralfalfaselfielife” to the provocative picture, Miley has gathered the attention that many feel she craves.

According to The Spreadit, Miley paying tribute to "Something About Mary" with that hairdo has her being slammed online for the "disgusting updo." Critics have expressed their opinions on the former Disney kid for some time now, saying that she's become just too provocative.

She is currently traveling the world with her "Bangerz" tour keeping herself busy, but apparently she found a few seconds to share this selfie with her fans. Some folks online are chatting about what they see in the background of this picture.

A trashbag full of clothes puts a nice finishing touch on setting this scene! Nothing is sacred with Miley, even her black and white scanty panties made it into the picture. They can be seen in the background scattered around with the rest of her belongings from the open luggage.

She also posted a selfie of herself in a fishnet bikini and uses the caption to describe what she looks like: “#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife." A whore selfie? That's nice and something to be very proud of.

Why can't Miley realize that all this drama of portraying an oversexed young woman with no scruples isn't the way to go. Her transformation from Hannah Montana to rock singer was a tough one, but with hits like "Wrecking Ball" she's coming around.

She couldn't even let the song "Wrecking Ball" fly to the top of the charts on its own accord. She had to sit buck naked on a cold steel ball and swing from corner to corner for the music video.

If she would stop with trying to provide a shock value by showing off her private areas around every corner, she might be pleased to know that folks like her for her talent, she can sing. Much of these provocative antics seems to take away from the true talent this kid has. It turns a lot of folks off and Miley Cyrus is just not someone they will seek out when thinking about good music.

Her earlier years of providing the paparazzi with upskirt shots with panties missing were bad enough. But today's antics of posing topless and providing a rendition of a scene from a movie where sperm is used as hair gel, just adds to the uncouthness of her overall image. It's sad because she lost her soul mate when he couldn't take anymore of her risque behavior, Liam Hemsworth.

It was probably her behavior at the awards ceremony when she devised her "twerking" to resembled a sex act with clothes on that will be remembered as the topper of her risque career so far. That's too bad, when people should be remembering her music and her songs as the point where she tops her career.

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