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Miley Cyrus Skateboarding in Texas

The clever guys at Majer Skateboard Crew in Texas have gotten over a million hits on their annual Halloween skate video which is wisely titled Miley Cyrus Skateboarding. I clicked on the clip to see the real Miley Cyrus shred which is not that far fetched because plenty of celebrities skate. Mega rap star Lil Wayne shreds every chance he gets. Wayne actually skates on stage. On this years tour he had an entourage of skateboarders with him including Elephant Skateboard's Kyle Berard and other rippers. Even Justin Beiber has a couple clips on You Tube skating. In the 1970's Leif Garrett and Farrah Fawcett were a few of the original celebs that ripped. After I figured out it was a Halloween montage and the Miley was really Mikey Whitehouse dressed up for tricks not treats. I wasn't disappointed at all because the skating in this video is so good. These guy's rip and have plenty of vids on their channel to get you stoked to go shred. Don't hate because they roped you in looking for Miley. - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

Miley Cyrus (Mikey Whitehouse) wallrides at a skatepark in Texas.
Miley Cyrus (Mikey Whitehouse) wallrides at a skatepark in Texas.
Grabs courtesy of the Major Crew
The real Miley Cyrus not skateboarding.
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

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