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Miley Cyrus shows maternal side with her new pet piglet Bubba Sue

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Miley Cyrus is always full of surprises. Most recently she took a break from generating controversy surrounding her raunchy performances by appearing in public with a new pet piglet. Cyrus was seen snuggling up with her new pet piglet Bubba Sue on her private jet reported US Weekly on Aug. 11, 2014.

On Sunday Cyrus shares some photographs of her new tiny little piggy on Instagram. She introduced her new pet as the newest member of her family and stated she is the happiest mommy ever. In one of the photographs Cyrus was seen wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt and she kissed the tiny pig on the snout. In another photograph Cyrus was seen snuggling up to Bubba Sue and her beloved dog Emu.

Bubba Sue is actually the second pig Cyrus has had in her life. However, this is the first time she has had a pig living and travelling on her private jet with her. Cyrus is very popular with animal lovers. The animal rights charity PETA sponsored a pet pig in honor of her 20th birthday in 2012. PETA was pleased to offer this gift to Cyrus because she spends so much time encouraging other people to help animals. This all must have some of her most outspoken critics wondering what to say since anybody who loves animals this much appears to be a really warm and very interesting person to a lot of people worldwide.

Cyrus has been showing off her new pet piglet Bubba Sue reports Cyrus has been well known for her love of dogs. Now she's making it clear she also loves pigs. Cyrus has been sharing Instagram photos to show off the most recent member of her family, Bubba Sue, to the world.

In one photograph Cyrus is seen flashing a huge smile as she holds Bubba Sue to her chest. She is taking the photo with one hand and holding her pet pig with the other hand in this picture. In another photograph Cyrus has her blond hair pulled into a little knot and is wearing a stylish denim jacket as she cradles Bubba Sue in a soft white towel. Cyrus displays an incredibly maternal side in these photographs and Bubba Sue appears to be the luckiest little piglet in the world. Cyrus displays a very charming side of her eccentric personality with her love of Bubba Sue and other animals.