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Miley Cyrus secret revealed by Dolly Parton? Plan in works to sing together

Dolly Parton will sing with Miley Cyrus in near future
Dolly Parton will sing with Miley Cyrus in near future
Photo by Larry Busacca

Miley Cyrus might be busy performing in Europe, but when she returns to the North American leg of her "Bangerz" tour she will have her godmother waiting to sing with her. The news of a scheduled performance was spilled by Dolly Parton when she was on “The Wendy Williams” show on Thursday, and the legendary singer was nothing short of excited to be part of her goddaughter’s tour. According to AZ Central on Friday, the star spends a lot of time in California and Tennessee, and is ready to perform at the drop of a hat. So when her goddaughter came to her hometown of Nashville, she was ready to accompany Cyrus onstage.

However, the concert was cancelled (along with the possible performance) as Cyrus became extremely ill and was unable to perform. As fans watched, the singer went to the hospital and didn't get out for some time because of an extreme allergic reaction. By the time she was released, her tour dates were rescheduled and the idea of the two singing together had been shelved as the timing didn't seem to work out.

So will Cyrus and Parton even sing together? Apparently so. Parton reflected that the date was rescheduled and all that needed to be done was to get Cyrus into town. Looking forward to singing “Jolene” together, Parton looked extremely happy to be offered the opportunity to trade lyrics with her goddaughter and perform her hit while on stage too.

Parton has always been supportive of Cyrus and her career. While some folks are critical of their relationship, Parton has never spoken ill of Cyrus and never lets the critics win by saying something even remotely negative. It almost makes the fans jealous that Cyrus has such a great godmother, as everyone would love Parton to be part of their lives (and her unwavering support to boot).