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Miley Cyrus says social media is worse for your brain than drugs

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 24: Singer Miley Cyrus attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California
Photo by Jason Merritt

Friends don’t let friends do…Facebook? Miley Cyrus has some strong opinions about social media, pot smoking and more. In an interview posted on Sunday with Australian TV show “Sunday Night,” the “Wrecking Ball” singer said she doesn’t think marijuana is harmful, but claims the Internet is.

"You know what hurts your brain?” Cyrus declared during the interview. “Googling yourself. You know what hurts your brain? Instagram. You know what hurts your brain? Reading comments on Facebook. You know what hurts your brain? Reading US Weekly."

The former “Hannah Montana” star also explained why she posted marijuana related pictures of herself on her own social media page. "I put some picture of me smoking weed on my Instagram because I was brought up in the way that we never thought marijuana was bad,” she said.

Cyrus has a long history of promoting pot, and last year she even told Rolling Stone that she thought alcohol was a much more harmful drug. “I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana,” she said. “People can be mad at me for saying that, but I don't care. I've seen a lot of people spiral down with alcohol, but I've never seen that happen with weed."

She also added, "As long as it isn't illegal, there are far more dangerous things. And it's legal in the state of California. So I'm happy to live in California, a place where you can be whoever you want to be."

The singer has clearly been who she wanted to be for years. In 2011, a video of the pop star’s 19th birthday surfaced, and it showed friends presenting her with a Bob Marley birthday cake. "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much weed," she said in the video, obtained by The Daily.

Cyrus famously shed her Disney star image several years ago and never looked back. In fact, her first foray into a big girl role had her playing a promiscuous wild child who had a penchant for pot smoking. The movie? “LOL,” opposite Demi Moore. The film was a flop, but at least there was the pot.

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