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Miley Cyrus says Google causes more harm to the brain than drugs

Miley Cyrus is making headlines again with some unconventional but innovative thoughts. Cyrus has claimed that Google does more harm to the brain than drugs reported on Sept. 1, 2014. During a recent interview while speaking in defense of smoking weed Cyrus commented that Googling yourself and reading Facebook comments are actually more harmful for the brain than drugs.

Singer Miley Cyrus attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards
Photo by Jason Merritt

It's true, Cyrus has said Google is worse than drugs reports During a recent interview with the Australian show Sunday Night while promoting her upcoming tour in Australia interviewer Chris Bath asked Cyrus if she is ever concerned about the potential for drugs to hurt her brains. Bath was making reference to a tattoo which Cyrus has which reads "Love your brain".

Cyrus said that what really hurts your brain is Googling yourself and sitting around reading comments on Facebook. She included Instagram on her list of online networking sites which she feels hurt your brain. Cyrus mentioned that there are comments online saying her 14 year old sister is a slut and she feels that certainly hurts the brain.

Cyrus has gone on to say that she has put pictures of herself online smoking weed because she was raised that way. Her and her
family never thought marijuana was bad. However, she says she doesn't tell kids to go around doing drugs. With her fan base of greater than 80 million people on social media and tens of millions of more fans worldwide what Cyrus says has an impact on a lot of people.

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