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Miley Cyrus proves to be a great role model during Bangerz Tour

According to a Feb. 20 report from, there is no truth to the rumor that Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour is in danger of being cancelled.

Miley Cyrus has fun during Bangerz Tour
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

"There is no truth whatsoever to any stories or rumors of venues pulling out of the Bangerz Tour," tour company Live Nation told E! News. "Miley has created a tour that's big, spectacular, entertaining and everything you would expect from Miley Cyrus. Reviews have been amazing and most important, fans are loving the show and having a great time."

There have been a few complaints, mainly from parents, that Cyrus' live show is far too wild for young girls to attend, since the concerts feature wild dance moves from scantily-clad women.

Bangerz hits the road

The 21-year-old Nashville-born singer has been all over the headlines in recent months for shock and awe tactics that included a topless appearance on the cover of her single, "Adore You," and a famous twerking session at the 2013 VMAs.

Cyrus wants everyone to know that they should just relax, mellow out and have a good time at her shows.

After all, her live performances are all about kicking back, being carefree and enjoying life.

"My goal was just to keep (the show) really fun," Cyrus said. "That's what I think I'm kind of representing more than anything in the past year -- fun and (being) carefree -- and that's what the show represents."

Cyrus' recent Bangers Tour gigs have lasted approximately an hour and a half each, depending on how engaged the crowd is.

She says she could go for longer if the crowd was really into it, especially when she taps into her acoustic work.

"My set is about 90 minutes," Cyrus says. "But my acoustic set that I'm doing can go on for as long as I want -- so it really kind of depends on the city and how involved (the audience is in the acoustic set)."

Analysis: Cyrus clearly takes pleasure in pushing people's buttons, but she's not doing anything illegal.

In fact, she's proving to women of all ages that it's okay to open up and do whatever it is that makes them happy.

Cyrus is a great role model for the youth of America because she teaches young women to not let the opinions of strangers seep into their psyche.

There will always be haters out there, but Cyrus lets girls know it's important to listen to their inner voice and be themselves.

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