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Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumors just won't stop

Miley Cyrus isn't pregnant or on drugs
Miley Cyrus isn't pregnant or on drugs
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus definitely doesn't seem like she's ready to settle down and have kids, but rumors just keep popping up claiming that the pop star is pregnant. Some conspiracy theorists probably believe these tabloid tales and social media whispers because of Miley's recent hospitalization.

According to a May 4 report by Breathecast, one unnamed source claimed that Miley got knocked up during her Bangerz tour. "She is at the height of her career and isn't ready for a baby," the source told Life & Style. This is definitely an understatement. It's probably pretty hard to twerk with a giant baby bump, and can you imagine how much Miley Cyrus would upset everyone the first time she dressed her baby up in a sparkly marijuana leaf onesie?

Luckily, Miley isn't pregnant with the child of Kellan Lutz or Jared Leto. Another source responded to the pregnancy claims by saying that Miley takes the proper precautions to prevent pregnancy – there's no way that she's going to take a wrecking ball to her career by having a baby. Unfortunately, she's missing out on a pretty cool new stage prop. She could turn her baby bump into a mini wrecking ball for her Miley Barbie to ride.

Miley's at a very "high point" right now, but some fans are worried that her love of getting high landed in her in the hospital. Miley recently suffered a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, and this caused her to miss some of her concerts. Unsurprisingly, some fans don't buy this explanation. In addition to claiming that she's pregnant, some social media users have started spreading rumors that she's on drugs.

Scammers also recently tried to take advantage of the Miley mania by using social media to spread a link to a Miley Cyrus "sex tape." However, there's no video showing Miley making a baby – it's actually a link to a clickjacking website. Unfortunately for Miley, rumors and scams like these will always pop up because of her wild child ways. People look at how she acts and dresses and simply assume that these tabloid tales and social media stories must be true.

Luckily, Miley seems to be on the mend now. She's set to perform at London's O2 arena tonight, and she recently let fans know that she's raring to go by sharing a twerking video. Hopefully she doesn't twerk so hard tonight that she lands her butt back in the hospital.

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