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Miley Cyrus posts pictures of explicit pumpkins in lieu of Halloween

Miley Cyrus- Attention seeking or crazy?
Miley Cyrus- Attention seeking or crazy?
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has been acting out a lot since the VMA performance she gave a few months ago. She seems to be craving any attention, even if it is negative. Sinead O’Connor reached out to Cyrus, but things didn’t go as planned and the two stars ended up battling with words. The latest incident that has everyone talking is what Miley Cyrus has done with her pumpkins. According to a report by TMZ on Octobr 30, Cyrus posted a picture of several explicit pumpkins on Twitter. Is this just another cry for attention?

There were three actual pumpkins in the picture, and one that was paper. Two were sexually explicit scenes, including lesbians. A marijuana leaf was carved into the third. The paper pumpkin read “Happy F***ing Halloween.” Some fans are outraged that Miley Cyrus would post content like this, and some others are worried. There have been comments made that perhaps Cyrus is headed down the same road as Amanda Bynes, and that is scary.

It is apparent that Miley Cyrus wants to distance herself from the world of Disney and “Hannah Montana,” but her antics are more than excessive. Cyrus has been riding a high since she got people talking about her VMA performance. She is on top of her game right now, but things like this make her fans and critics doubt her sanity.

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