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Miley Cyrus: Posts photos on Twitter of her 'Hand of Adonis' toy

Has Miley Cyrus finally gone too far?
Has Miley Cyrus finally gone too far?
Christopher Polk/Getty

Just when you thought Miley Cyrus could not get any more gross and disgusting, the singer takes to her Twitter account. There she posted photos of her “Hand of Adonis” toy. According to a March 7 report by Fish Wrapper, Miley Cyrus took photographs of herself using this “toy.”

The “Hand of Adonis” toy is described as a tool for “size enthusiasts” and anyone “interested in “f*st***.” According to the product description, it a filled with a SilAgel rubber material. Despite being flexible, it is also firm. For those interested in Miley Cyrus' health, the “Hand of Adonis” is also anti-bacterial and non-toxic.

Many believe that is is perfectly normal and healthy for a young woman to explore her own sexuality. Experimenting with adult toys is often considered to be okay.

Despite that, it is also believed by some that Miley Cyrus should not be exposing her young fans to such photos. Those young fans can be impressionable and her “sex antics” should be kept private.

There is very little private about Miley Cyrus. From her risque “Wrecking Ball” video to her twerking with Robin Thicke, the singer is not ashamed to let it all hang out.