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Miley Cyrus posts Instagram picture of 'Bangerz' panties

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Miley Cyrus is once again using her sexuality to advance her career. According to a Feb 2 report by The Huffington Post, the star recently took to Instagram to stir up interest in her latest merchandise. The particular picture featured Miley in panties that featured the “Bangerz” logo, and she seems to have coined a new hashtag for her products. “#bangerzmerch” was the tag that Miley used on her picture, and it will be interesting to see if the new tag starts to gain traction.

In case you are the only person to have not seen the “Bangerz” logo, it features a mouth with bright red lips and a gold tooth. A large tongue protrudes from the mouth, and it has "Bangerz" written across it. There is little doubt that her new merchandise can turn heads. However, it is unlikely to be as controversial as Kanye’s use of the Confederate flag for his latest tour gear.

Do you think that Miley is over reaching with her latest picture? Given Justin Bieber’s problems, do you think that Miley Cyrus is less likely to take heat for her latest antics?