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Miley Cyrus new hair: Bowl cut a fresh style for singer, mixed reactions so far

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Miley Cyrus new hair has brought the hotly discussed starlet — one of the most searched celebrities of 2013 going into the new year — back into the limelight this week. The singer and fashion ingénue is now sporting a fresh style that looks quite like a bowl cut, and there has been mixed reactions so far from Miley Cyrus fans and the general public alike. Lake News Online and the Huffington Post go into detail about the star’s new do as well as some other changes that folks have noticed about the look and more regarding the celeb this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

The Miley Cyrus new hair photos reveal the former Hannah Montana star sporting a bowl cut of sorts that isn’t receiving all good news at this point. Cyrus revealed her new quaff this Tuesday with friends while relaxing outside a local Los Angeles recording studio. In addition to the new hairstyle, the “Wrecking Ball” singer was also sporting a white shirt and black suspenders. She was captured on camera by the paparazzi while using her phone and laughing with several people around her, including Larry Rudolph, Miley Cyrus’ music manager.

Although some have agreed that the new look is certainly better than the two bobs Cyrus wore during her infamous “twerking” episode late in 2013, others actually think the short blond hair is cropped in such a way that makes her more like Lloyd Christmas than anything — the hairstyle and look that Jim Carrey wore in the “Dumb & Dumber” movie. The Miley Cyrus new hair photos do open themselves up to quite a few jokes.

Then again, Miley Cyrus is known for changing her do quite often, and this latest bowl cut isn’t the first big change she’s had recently. In late 2012, Cyrus shocked her entire fan base and a majority of celebrity followers by shaving her head. She pulled the bob haircut accompanied by trimmed bangs some time later, a slicked-back look for New Year’s Eve, and is now going for the “certified fresh” (or is it rotten?) bowl style.

Here are some of the mixed reactions so far. What’s your thoughts on the latest Miley Cyrus signature look?

“Usually don't comment on her, but that is the same cut my dad had during the depression.”

“I think Miley looks cute in it! She rocks any haircut, really.”

“OMG Hahaha! That is totally the look from Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber!”

"WOW! So many places to go with that hair. Add in the outfit and you never run out of jokes. I'll just bite my tongue and toss it over to the late night comedians. LOL”

“Miley Cyrus hasn't had a "best look" haircut in several years. NOTHING she has worn or done with her looks have done anything to show off what beauty she has. Its forgotten in all her posturing, and weirdness. Sorry Miley.”


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