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Miley Cyrus Knows How To (T)werk It

Bangerz Tour
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If you were flipping through the channels at any point on Sunday night and saw Miley Cyrus going down a slide that looked like a tongue and thought you were daydreaming think again. NBC's "Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour" aired this Sunday and that's just how it started, with the 'We Can't Stop' crooner making light of her reputation for her constantly wagging tongue by incorporating it into her grand entrance for her Bangerz world tour. Ms. Cyrus has made sure she gets the last laugh when it comes to her public persona. The fun didn't stop there though, the two hour spectacle consisted of Cyrus twerking and singing her way through her impressive catalog, which unsurprisingly left out her Hannah Montana songs. Her set list had her fans on their feet the entire night, something most artists these days seriously struggle with.

In a promo released weeks ago, Cyrus refers to herself as a " leader" and continues with, "I think my fans feel safe in that room with me...and I'm giving them that push to go forward." NBC made sure to show some behind the scenes footage of the "leader" and this was a complete snooze compared to her onstage antics. In these scenes, the 21-year old discusses her racy image, the loss of her beloved dog that sent her into a depression, and is constantly surrounded by money and lots of it. It is during these moments that she has a hard time connecting to her audience, maybe it has something to do with the hundred dollar bills around her.

Now back to the stage. If this concert special proved anything it's that this girl can seriously sing. If you put aside her wild dance moves, risque outfits, and the rest of the glitz and glam, Cyrus is a natural born vocalist and her home is on the stage and her best friend is the microphone. Some of her highlights were during "Adore You", "My Darlin'", and her cover of Dolly Parton's, who also happens to be her godmother, "Jolene". It was during these moments that the star simply shone, she owned these rare moments of vulnerability.

But it wouldn't be a Miley Cyrus show if it was just about the vocals. In typical Cyrus fashion, the show was truly a spectacle, although NBC made sure to censor out much of the concert's inappropriateness but not all of it. During her performance of "Love, Money, Party" she is seen straddling and grinding on a car while rocking a marijuana-inspired leotard and during "#GETITRIGHT" she rolls around a bed filled with half-naked men. I guess she wasn't kidding when she said "She Can't be tamed," the world can't say it wasn't given a warning.

During one scene Cyrus is reading Complex Magazine's rave review of her show which reads, "She's a young woman encouraging girls to own their sexuality." With her show heavily consisting of sexual references, crotch grabbing, revealing outfits, and of course twerking this couldn't be more true. It's safe to say you can definitely take the Disney out of the girl.

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