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Miley Cyrus is still recovering from a horrible drug reaction

This has been a very sad Easter holiday season for Miley Cyrus and her fans. The young and controversial superstar has spent this holiday season in a hospital due to very bad side effects from a prescribed drug. It appears her illness was aggravated by the recent death of her dog Floyd which blew away her emotions. Cyrus is no longer in the Kansas City hospital where her treatment first began but she is apparently still sick reported MTV on April 22, 2014.

Miley Cyrus performing at the Barclays Center in the Brooklyn borough New York City.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Cyrus has been transferred to an undisclosed facility. She has shared that she has been really bummed out about missing the Easter holiday celebrations. Cyrus has been resting while convalescing from what has been described as being a severe allergic reaction from an antibiotic which was prescribed for a sinus infection. Apparently she is now beginning to feel better and more energetic.

Some psychedelic spin art images which Cyrus posted online this week offer hopeful signs that her spirits are picking up as she comes back into herself. Cyrus has however said she has been very saddened about missing both the religious and non-religious aspects of the Easter holiday season. Cyrus was forced to cancel the rest of her U.S. Bangerz tour due to the illness.

First she was hit with a terrible reaction to medication. Than she was fighting major issues with her throat and sinuses after she got the flu reports E! Online. At one point she shared in a photo online that she was crying and not stoned. Finally it appears Cyrus is on the road to recovery even though it's not likely she will ever completely get over losing Floyd. Let's still hope she's back in action entertaining us again soon.

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