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Miley Cyrus is outrageously entertaining in her Bangerz tour

Miley Cyrus has been becoming one of the most outrageously provocative young entertainers of this era, and that's how she has started off her Bangerz tour. With patriotic "Party in the U.S.A." outfits and gigantic hot dogs, Cyrus opened up her tour in Canada with a bang. To avoid too much criticism from censors she set the stage immediately as she was seen gyrating on a car in front of a very explicit "Parental Advisory" CD sticker label, reported MTV on Feb. 15, 2014.

Miley Cyrus opens her 'Bangerz Tour' at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.
Phillip Chin/Getty Images

Twerking was a real lively part of the opening show for the Bangerz tour, reports USA Today. The show began with an awesome entrance, with Cyrus sliding down a tongue that descended from the mouth of a giant face of herself projected on the stage backdrop. Cyrus came off so strong she seems to have sparked off never before experienced exciting manic highs in fans as she appeared in sexually revealing costumes with cowboy boots, bikini tops, rhinestones and fake fur.

Cyrus must have made a lot of Canadians wonder what they have been missing out on with parties in the U.S.A. when she shocked her Vancouver fans in one act by by simulating fake oral sex on stage on a Bill Clinton impersonator, reports TMZ. Now even Monica Lewinsky, Clinton's young White House lover, must be interested in the competition Cyrus is presenting her with. When the Clinton look alike hit the stage, Cyrus
immediately dropped to her knees in his honor. God bless Cyrus and America!

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