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Miley Cyrus is in love with her new dog Emu

A careful analysis of what makes Miley Cyrus tick leaves us with an image of an outspoken and outrageous entertainer who is also a very warm and caring young woman. Dog lovers worldwide would agree that to imply Cyrus lacks a deep emotional capacity based on uncomfortable feelings about her highly sexually provocative acts is not an accurate view of who she really is. Cyrus loves dogs and recently adopted a cute new puppy named Emu reported US Weekly on June 30, 2014.

Miley Ray Cyrus performs during the ceremony of the World Music Awards 2014 at Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Cyrus has been literally showering Emu with love. This weekend she introduced Emu to her fans with photos online. In a series of selfies which Cyrus posted on Instagram with Emu the most startling one showed her naked in a shower cap with her new puppy. It's great to see Cyrus is finally recovering from the loss of her beloved dog Floyd who died earlier this year while she was in Boston on her worldwide Bangerz tour. She's moving on in life now with her new puppy Emu now a part of her life.

Cyrus has announced she welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into her family a couple days ago reports The Huffington Post. She said she was keeping Emu a secret at first because sometimes she's just weird like that. She admits it took her some time after Floyd's death to get herself ready to share her love with a new puppy.

Cyrus has shared that she has prayed that Emu will have just a touch of the awesomeness Floyd had. She has promised Emu is with her to stay. Shortly after Floyd's death her mother gave her a puppy named Moonie which she gave away. She said she just wasn't ready to love again at that time. Now that her heart is healing Emu is sure a lucky pup who can look forward to getting a lot of love. Certainly the love which Emu is sharing in return for Cyrus should help her enjoy her life a lot more.

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