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Miley Cyrus' Instagram on Jesus shows compassion and confusion on doctrine

Miley Cyrus has redirected her good girl image to meet the secular demands for entertainment.
Miley Cyrus has redirected her good girl image to meet the secular demands for entertainment.

The younger generation is repackaging its understanding of the Christian Jesus as demonstrated in the Instagram message of Miley Cyrus recently. The message conveyed by Cyrus represents a microcosm of the compassion and confusion people maintain about the life and times of Jesus Christ.

Cyrus was brought up Southern Baptism, a brand of Christianity that could be described as conservative, however Cyrus has adopted liberal views and imported that belief system into her personal philosophy, something that may have taken place with the liberality of mass media’s entertainment culture. The result is the merging of compassion and confusion regarding what the message of Christ represented.

What Cyrus posted on Instagram shows her compassion and confusion concerning what Christ actually represented according to God’s word. The following is an analysis of post:

Jesus was a radical non-violent revolutionary who hung around lepers, hookers, and crooks;

Factually accurate and without sugar-coating since Jesus was criticized by the critics of His day for hanging around sinners. Cyrus is spot on with this observation.

Wasn’t American and never spoke English;

Those surprised by this statement shows what little understanding they possess. Cyrus records a bulls-eye on this.
Was anti-wealth, anti-death penalty and anti-public prayer;

Yikes!! Pump those brakes, girlfriend!!! Are you quoting the Bible or talking points from a left wing organization? Jesus talked about riches can make it more difficult to get to heaven due to people’s trust in their riches, but never spoke against wealth. Jesus clearly articulated those perishing for not believing in His Father’s word which is a death penalty. Christ prayed openly and taught others to do so by the Lord’s Prayer. Sorry Miley, somebody gave you some very poor theology on this part.

But was never anti-gay, never mentioned abortion, or birth control;

Jesus stood against sexual immorality which clearly includes homosexuality. Should anyone violate God’s standard concerning sexual sin as adultery, Jesus would not condemn, but would instruct to “Go and sin no more” as the woman caught in adultery. Changing your nature to sin is nothing new whether born or acquired. Never mentioned abortion or birth control? Though categorically true, Jesus never spoke against child molestation but it does not mean He is for it. The shedding of innocent blood is something God hates and there is no way abortion is acceptable to Jesus since He is God in the flesh. Be fruitful and multiply is God's edict concerning birth control, however it is doubtful God would hold it against you from trying not to have too many children in a marriage. Birth control for fornication is a definitive NO.

Never called the poor lazy, never justified torture, never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazerenes;

Jesus was compassionate to the poor and would never justify torture without a doubt. Jesus taught to whom much is given, much is required. Equal sacrifice, not equal giving, was the message given by Christ.

Never asked a leper for a co-pay;

Taking advantage of the destitute was something God said He would deal with personally. The Great Physician made house calls and never charged anyone for His services.

And was a long haired brown-skinned homeless community-organizing anti-slut-shaming Middle Eastern Jew.

Physical attributes should never be a defining issue and Christ showed no partiality towards a person’s physical characteristics or spiritual condition. Jesus was tempted in all ways as humans are, and still did not sin. Anyone can identify with Christ based on His life experiences to dealing with human frailties. Jesus did not just hear about it…..Christ lived it.

Cyrus is no worse or no better than anyone else regarding her own spiritual condition, something she is quite aware of already. She does speak from the heart by attempting to elevate people’s thinking concerning being judgmental, something Miley has received quite a bit of since revamping her Disney image. Miley is right on target with the “judge not, less ye be judged”.

Nobody should expect Cyrus to completely have it figured out. Regarding her theological training, the Bible says, “train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it”.

Southern Baptists have a very strong Sunday School evangelical preaching and teaching program. There is a point where everyone’s faith is tested and even perhaps shaken.

Even Jesus struggled doing God’s will in the Garden of Gethsemane, it should not be too surprising that Cyrus will have the same issues reconciling the truth.

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