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Miley Cyrus gets photobombed by ghostly orbs in selfie

Orb shaped balls of light appear in Miley Cyrus' self-portrait
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus took a self-portrait for her fans from her hotel last week and when she posted the photo on Twitter, her fans noticed something strange. Fans think that Cyrus is being haunted by a ghost, MTV reported yesterday.

Miley Cyrus posted a selfie with her tongue sticking out to her fans on Twitter last week. Fans noticed odd balls of light surrounding the "Wrecking Ball" singer's head.

Most orbs in flash photography occur naturally due to backscatter from dust, debris, bugs, or moisture in the air. Still, some folks believe that spirits are following the singer.

Cyrus says she has encountered spirits before. She had multiple paranormal experiences in a London apartment that she lived in during her European tour in 2009. She claims that the place was extremely haunted and that she was terrified.

"I was touring in Europe and I needed a home base. I used to have an apartment in London, right across the street from Harrods. I used to have a place right there." Cyrus said in an interview with Elle Magazine.

Cyrus' apartment used to be a family-owned bakery. She believes the ghosts that linger in her former apartment are the family members that worked in the bakery.

"It was seriously so terrifying. It used to be an old bakery and they turned it into an apartment building, and I was having really crazy dreams and really scary things, and one night my little sister was standing in the shower and all of a sudden I hear her scream. I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot but it was still. It wasn't like the water had just changed, the knob had turned but she hadn't turned it and it was burning her. She was really red." Cyrus recalls of the odd occurrence.

Cyrus says that she was afraid from the encounters that she had. She also claims to have witnessed a ghost of a little boy when she was taking a shower.

"I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet. It was really haunted and I had to move. That’s not a lie." Cyrus said about her old apartment.

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