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Miley Cyrus gets an Olympic Valentine request from Gus Kenworthy

Miley Cyrus gets an Olympic Valentine request from Gus Kenworthy
NBC Olympics/Twitter

Miley Cyrus might be getting ready for her Bangerz tour back in the United States, but the entertainer might want to check social media for a minute. The popular star has an Olympic Valentine request from an Olympic medal holder and it’s possible there is love in the air. Valentine’s Day always brings out the romantics and Gus Kenworthy’s request from Sochi will have all the fans giggling. According to NBC Olympic Sports on Friday the Olympic athlete had a special message for the entertainer and he showcased it with a whiteboard message.

“Miley Cyrus will you be my Valentine” read the sign Gus Kenworthy was holding. In the other hand he was holding his hardware from the games. That’s right in an impressive move as he held his Olympic silver medal from the men’s slopestyle skiing even held Thursday.

Gus Kenworthy definitely has a chance, right? He loves puppies, has a silver medal and definitely has a good taste in music so there is no reason Miley Cyrus would say no. Unless she checks out that sign that looks like it was thrown together in 30-seconds or less. Then again finding a Valentine isn't based on what a sign might look like, but more of a connection.

Perhaps Gus Kenworthy will get invited to a Miley Cyrus concert and he can dance with the star on stage. Even if he doesn't get that far, there is no reason not to ask. He’s a Olympic medal winner after all!