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Miley Cyrus emoji causes a stir: Attention getter or something else

Miley Cyrus has for many years been an icon for the young music lovers. As she grew so did her voice, style and antics. She pulled away from that wholesome girl next door look children grew up and learned to love. Now she has taken her personality to another level and had an emoji permanently placed on her lower lip.

Sad kitty emoji tattoo!
Phillip Chin/Getty Images and Instagram

An emoji is a picture of a sad kitty that Miley recently had tattooed on the inside of her lower lip according to a news report from People on March 16. The news began to go viral when she posted a photo of her lower lip on Instagram in a close up shot to show off her latest ink. Getting tattoos isn’t something new for Miley since she has at least twenty other tattoos over her body already. Many parents don’t feel the same respect for the singer as they once did and no longer consider her a good role model for their younger children.

There has been lots of talk from fans about her latest ink decision. The tattoo by itself isn’t that big and it doesn’t have that artist flair most tattoos seem to emit. This one is dark and hard to see unless you are in close proximity. It is black and a mustard color which really isn’t appealing at all on one’s lip.

One wonders who is really going to see the tattoo since she poses for so many photos sticking her tongue out at everyone. This may be her new signature look but it isn’t ladylike or does it make her attractive or appealing when her tongue is handing out.

This latest tattoo may be a way for Miley to boost her inner self up or just a ploy to get other to look at her more closely. It seems that she had the permanent ink placed on her lip to keep fans looking at her face instead of other parts of her body. With a tattoo this size that thought will be very hard for fans to comply with since it won’t be visible at a distance. On the other hand, people who are close to the singer will more than likely stare at the tattoo and wonder why in lieu of looking directly at her whole face and take in what she is trying to tell them with words and facial expressions.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’ latest tattoo?

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