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Miley Cyrus denies reports of a drug overdose

Miley Cyrus performing her "Bangerz" show in London
Miley Cyrus performing her "Bangerz" show in London
Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has been a topic in the media for quite some time. While trying to shed the image of a wholesome Disney Channel star she did some questionable things. “Hannah Montana” was a thing of the past and Cyrus desperately wanted it to be put to rest. Recently Cyrus had a bad reaction to antibiotics and was hospitalized for several days.

Miley Cyrus
Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

According to a May 6 report from E! Online, Miley Cyrus slammed rumors that she was laid up because of a drug overdose during a concert in London. The antibiotics were prescribed for a sinus infection.

The “Bangerz” tour had to be put on hold in the United States while Miley Cyrus recovered in the hospital. Several shows were canceled due to the severity of her condition, but all will be rescheduled at later dates.

Cyrus will be back in the United States later this summer to finish that portion of her tour. While performing, Cyrus has been staying sober. The routine is intense and partying before a show could throw everything out of whack.

During the London concert Miley Cyrus claimed she was the “poster child” for health. Some of her previous decisions would contradict that statement, but fans believe she isn't using any healthy drugs. According to Cyrus' Twitter page, she was excited to do the show in London. From fans' response, the show was definitely all they hoped for and more.

If Miley Cyrus was truly recovering from a drug overdose or going through a withdrawl like several reports have mentioned, there is almost no way she could have bounced back to performing so quickly. Cyrus grew up in front of cameras and when it was over, she may have gone a little crazy. All teenagers go through a rebellion phase, she just did it in front of millions of bystanders. It looks like Cyrus is on the right track now and she is ready to conquer whatever life throws at her.