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Miley Cyrus death hoax: Facebook scam lies about death of Miley

Miley Cyrus
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

A new death hoax is out that Miley Cyrus had passed away but there is no truth to this one at all. On Monday, Huffington Post shared about this hoax that has everyone wondering what is going on. Your favorite actress and singer from "Hannah Montana" is doing just fine.

Her death hoax wasn't just someone making a funny joke. Instead it was a Facebook scam that someone wanted people to click on. There was even a photo that looked like Miley with pills around her. The post said, "{SHOCKING} Miley Cyrus Found Dead In Her Los Angeles Home!" It was a photo of Miley but it was from a music video and wasn't something real at all.

Inquistr shared a bit more about this crazy death hoax and what was going on this weekend. Fans would see this post and then would click on it to learn more. When you first clicked on it, you would have to share it to read anything else. People would click on it wanting to read more. It would already be shared on your page trying to get all of your friends to click on it too.

There are a lot of celebrity death hoaxes that go around. Miley Cyrus is not the first one to have this done to her. Lil Wayne, Wayne Knight, Jon Bon Jovi and even Betty White have been victims of these kind of lies. For some reason people think this is funny and love watching the rumors spread.

The people that would click on this scam would then be directed to do surveys. This is their way of getting people to click and make them money. Miley Cyrus is not dead though and is doing just fine despite the rumors going around the world.

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