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Miley Cyrus dating Kellan Lutz? Actor debunks rumors: ‘It just makes me laugh’

Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz are not dating at the moment and fans know it is true. On Monday morning during the On Air With Ryan Seacrest interview, Kellan Lutz let Ryan Seacrest and the fans in Los Angeles know that he isn't seeing his friend on any romantic level. Looking to make sure the fans knew the truth, the actor mocked the falsehoods suggesting that the idea of dating Miley was funny.

“These rumors are hilarious,” said Kellan Lutz during the interview heard in Los Angeles. “It just makes me laugh … I’ve been friends with Miley for like six years. She’s a great girl … we are friends [and] we run in the same circle.”
While some fans agrees that the rumors are ridiculous, many fans point to all the speculation that came with Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz being so secretive that the two stars were flying together. Exiting the plane separately in a very strange way had many people thinking the gesture implied something.

If fans thought that would clear up Miley’s dating life and the rumors that come with it, think again. Desperate to see who see might date next, the star is being trailed by the paparazzi no matter where she goes. Someday the photographers will take up hobbies, but for now the issue on hand is if Miley Cyrus isn't interested in Lutz, then who is she seeing?

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