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Miley Cyrus claiming Eiza Gonzalez looks like a horse?

Miley Cyrus is feuding with Liam Hemsworth's new girlfriend. Eiza Gonzalez appears to be the target of the former Disney Princess, a woman furious to hear that her ex was spotted making out with a new woman just a day after their breakup was announced says Mstarz News. On Oct. 29, 2013, Hollywood Life and Mstarz reported she appears to have posted a new photo on Twitter that mocked her old flame's choice in women -- but what was she actually trying to suggest with the photo?

Eiza Gonzalez has a horse face claims Miley Cyrus. The comparison in looks was made apparent when Hollywood Life posted Miley's non-explicit Tweet comparison on Oct. 29, 2013 just before Halloween.
Hollywood Life

While the celebrity gossip columnists over at Hollywood Life seemed to think that Miley posting a #HALLOWEEN pic of herself posing in front of a Democrat donkey costume meant she thinks Eiza Gonzalez is herself and ass, chances are that Cyrus meant to start a more cutting celebrity rumor than that. Rather than suggesting Liam's new lady love was being rude, Miley could actually have actually been implying that his current love interest has a bit of a horse face.

If you don't believe it, check out the photo Hollywood life posted. With the image bubble of Eiza's face photo shopped in, it is easy to see the mean girl comparison between the look of the animal and Liam's new girlfriend.

But before you start feeling bad for the new girl, it is important to note that Gonzalez herself actually started the photo war challenge. What's more, the first strike seem to be one designed more to humiliate Miley rather than impress Liam.

When Eiza posted a pic of herself posing in front of a Halloween costume shop window that featured a mannequin dressed up like the "Hannah Montana" star [when she appeared at the VMAs in months past], many people undoubtedly gasped. Hollywood Life first reported about the picture war started circa Oct. 25.

To that end, Miley Cyrus' new "a picture is worth a thousand words" tweet posted on Oct. 29, 2013 may have been made to annoy the new romance rival. Could her inside joke and subliminal message to Liam and her fans have been something as completely simple and childish as that -- as saying her replacement is not very pretty in such a way as to compel her fans to ridicule the new girl while making jokes at her expense?

Since Eiza has already had a significant amount of plastic surgery despite her young age, Miley could be hoping to capitalize on her already low self esteem (related to physical looks). After all, what would be more hurtful -- saying she was acting like a horse's behind or that she actually looks like a horse now thanks (in part) to all of her costly and painful surgical procedures?

Why does that seem likely -- that Miley Cyrus is acting like a jealous bully, playing tit for tat with someone she only knows tangentially? Because it is so much more unlikely that Eiza Gonzalez will be dressing up like Miley Cyrus for any holiday costume parties and even less likely that Miley Cyrus would head out trick or treating on Halloween night dressed like a giant ass.

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