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Miley Cyrus bong: How original, another tribute to pot?

Miley Cyrus bong: Why make such a big deal out of smoking weed? Can't she just smoke it like everyone else without making it like a trophy?

Miley Cyrus is proud of the five-foot bong that she created out of the colorful gifts her fans have given to her. She posted a picture of her creation on her Instagram account on Sunday, according to Yahoo News on Aug. 18.

Her fans sent her some colorful “super-bright Smiler rave bracelets” which she added to the bong creation. Some of the bracelets seen sport the names that mean a lot to the girl-gone-wild pop star! “Twerk” and “Bangerz” are names associated with Cyrus, but “Floyd” is her beloved dog that died a while back, points out E Online.

While Miley has made no secret of her love for marijuana. She once said that “Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is much better. And Molly too. Those are happy drugs-social drugs. They make you want to be friends.” She said this during an interview with Rolling Stone last year. O.K., your fans get it, you smoke pot, now move on to something else.

Miley has lost her shock value because she’s done so much in her young life to drop jaws that building a bong to share on Instagram in a picture is child’s play considering her antics of yesteryear. While it is fine that she likes pot, she still has some young fans out there and instead of building something constructive and maybe displaying a healthy goal, she builds a bong.

Hasn’t she got the angst out yet? Even the language is enough to make you want to scream to her “It’s time to grow up!” Along with the bong she posted “5 foot bong almost complete this one is a collab with my f—king beyond kiewl fanz.” She also thanked her fans for “Smiler rave bracelets.”

Miley has the right to be as obnoxious and crass as she wants to now that she’s an adult, but wouldn’t you like to see her do something that she hasn’t borrowed from someone else?

How cool would it be to see Miley do something that no one else is doing. She has tried to look like Pink with her hair style and she seems to be making pot her anthem, but that's all been done before. For a long time now she's been showing as much skin as she possible can like Lady Gaga and the list goes on. Even her concert moves and costumes seem to mirror what Lady Gaga became famous for.

She has a talent, no one can say any different when it comes to her singing. When she puts emotion behind a song, like “Wrecking Ball” there’s no one to compare her to, she’s truly an original in that respect. When it comes to “Wrecking Ball” you just can’t say enough about her voice and the feeling she puts into that song.

You can feel her pain and you understand what she is trying to convey in that song to her soul mate. If you ever wonder how Miley felt about the one true love of her life, you can listen to that song and you’ll know. She appears to take the blame for that relationship demise. His name doesn’t need to be mentioned, as all her fans know who it is!

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