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Miley Cyrus bisexual behavior real or publicity stunt?

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The latest in a series of pictures featuring Miley Cyrus kissing yet another female has reignited the controversy of whether Miley’s bisexual behavior is real or just a publicity stunt. On Feb. 28 several media outlets like Fashion & Style and reported that Miley’s girl-on-girl kisses and other behavior may be indicative of her sexual orientation, while other media outlets like K Drama Stars feel Miley’s antics are merely an attention-getting marketing ploy. See Miley Cyrus Sexual Shenanigans Report: Lesbian PDA, Not a Sex Freak, Kinky Video

Photo of Miley Cyrus Kissing Brooke Candy Go Viral

It appears that Miley Cyrus posts pictures of herself kissing other girls on the lips just to shock the general public and keep her name in the news, as a number of other female celebrities have done in the past.

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Yesterday’s picture of Miley Cyrus kissing singer Brooke Candy went viral less than 24 hours after it was posted on Brooke’s Instagram and Miley’s Twitter accounts.

The photo, which comes less than a week after the viral photo of Miley Cyrus kissing Katy Perry, refueled bisexual - lesbianism rumors about Miley, and has already received well over 14,000 likes.

Previous Bisexual / Lesbian Rumors about Miley Cyrus

Previous rumors about Miley Cyrus’s alleged bisexualism/lesbianism were sparked by other girl-on-girl behavior on her part, including pictures of her kissing supermodel Cara Delevingne and her raunchy behavior with one of Britney Spears' back-up dancers. See Miley Cyrus Sexual Shenanigans Report: Lesbian PDA, Not a Sex Freak, Kinky Video

Not Miley’s First Girl-on-Girl PDA

This is by no means the first time Miley Cyrus has openly displayed bisexual behavior. In 2011 Miley was photographed performing simulated lesbian acts onstage with her female backup dancers as part of her act, as well as with her female personal assistant. For pictures of antics, click here, or on the slideshow link below.

So Is Miley Cyrus Bisexual or Not?

Sources close to Miley report that she has experimented with women in the past and has engaged in occasional threesomes before. Others emphatically state that Miley is bisexual in public, but not in her personal life. Miley’s friends say she’s just having fun, that she definitely likes guys, and insist that Miley’s girl-on-girl antics are just an act.

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