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Milestones and celebrations fill our June calendar

Mother duck and a large family of babies
Mother duck and a large family of babies
photo taken by Jill Bertoni

This is the month we celebrate milestones in our lives. There are weddings and graduations, stepping stones to what we will do and be in our new lives. It can be filled with anticipation and anxiety, too because we want things to go off without a hitch. Because they are important highlights in our lives, we tend to create more drama around them than is necessary.

Some of those family pictures will be "ruined" by clowning siblings - but when you see those pictures later, the parts you remember will be the fun times, not the pomp and ceremony. We all like to look through old scrapbooks and remember those who are no longer around. Seeing their faces bring back memories and stories to share - so that the scrapbook becomes a "launch" for "remember when..." moments.

There is something to be said about the "good ol' days" when things were simpler and families were closer. Sure, we were in each others' business more than we probably needed to be - Aunt Annie didn't really need you to tell her that Uncle Arnie was spending more time away from home than he should. But she kept her head up and didn't let the gossip show its effect.

She was probably spending more time reading the Bible and scrubbing floors than anyone knew. My grandmother used to scrub out the corners on her hands and knees instead of fussin' and fightin' with grandpa. Gran was right on the same page as the Silent Unity calendar for June when it speaks from Matthew 6:33 - "Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Strive first for the kingdom of God... not for the details of the problem.... or the celebration.

God has the situation covered ... whatever it is. God has your back. You can lean into His loving arms and relax. Your way is made straight, your burden is lightened, you are in good hands. Breathe in the awareness that everything is in Divine Order...

The Silent Unity blessing message for the month of June is written under a picture of a family of ducks, strolling across a park-like grassland. The ducklings are walking between two of the adults:

"Come home to ... Simplicity."

June is also our month to celebrate fathers. Some of our fathers may have already made their transition, but our good memories of them help us to remember the lessons we learned through the love and care. Even if we didn't feel particularly loved or cared for by them, we can bless them in knowing they were doing the best they could under the circumstances in which they found themselves.

As ducklings, we learned from both our mother and father. The lessons we pass on to our own children are tinged with all the additional growing and adjusting we managed to color in our own lives. We breathe in the loving and healing energy of our Father-Mother-God and are grateful for all that is. God has it well in hand.

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